Does your building need a new roof, but you have no time to expose your company or business to the elements? Ohio and Indiana Roofing is able to retrofit your new roof right over your old one. Not only do you save on cost by not tearing off your old roof, there are also all sorts of added benefits to retrofit!

Benefits of Retrofit:

  • Periodic Inspections
  • Roof Assessments
  • 70% Savings on the cost of labor on the preparation of an old roof
  • No downtime for your business. No interruptions of work or activity at your facility
  • Insulation advantages in keeping your old roof under a new retrofit roof. Additional material layers help it hold in heat in winter months
  • Save on utility bills. Highly reflective white Duro-Last surface can reduce temperature in your facility from hot Midwest sun.
  • 15 year leak-proof Duro-last warranty covers retrofit projects.